Las Calaveras (Dia de Los Muertos creations)

LEAHI participated in an early celebration of “Dia de los Muertos” at the Honolulu Museum of Art on Sunday, October 20th, 2019. Among our original artistic creations on display were calaveras (skulls) of various sizes, created with LEGO elements in the form of relief mosaics.

Calaveras are iconic for this holiday, and the ones shown above were built in three different sizes using templates created by our LEAHI members. The small ones were built on 16 x 16 stud bases, using plates. The medium-sized ones were built on 32 x 32 stud LEGO baseplates, while the large one was built on a 48 x 48 stud LEGO baseplate. Our members used various elements to come up with some colorful and festive designs!

Several other calaveras were made using freeform designs. If you look closely at the one with the orange background, you will see that is made out of various hats and hairpieces for LEGO minifigs! Other elements help to make these mosaics come to life.

We would like to share our design templates for some of these calaveras with you, so that you can build your own for the upcoming Dia del los Muertos holiday! You can download them as PDF files using the links below. These templates show the layout of the skulls for each base size. The builds can be done using LEGO bricks, plates, slopes, or other elements – it is up to you and your imagination on how to build and decorate them with LEGO!

If you use these templates, we would love to see your final designs! Please email us at