Here is some information regarding our group:

What is LEAHI?

The LEAHI logo - a petroglyph-style image of a man carrying a large lego brick over his head. Hawaii LEGO Hawaiian

LEAHI is a group of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) and TFOLs (Teen Fans of LEGO) here in Hawaii who enjoy creative building and modeling with LEGO bricks and working to promote interest in LEGO products within the community, both locally and on the Internet. We share our enjoyment of LEGO with the public via displays held periodically each year. We are a Recognized LEGO User Group (RLUG), celebrating 15 years of LEGO building in Hawaii!

LEAHI has also produced a number of distinguished LEGO builders, whose works are known worldwide and have been exhibited at major LEGO conventions as well as in The LEGO House in Billund, Denmark (LEGO Group Headquarters)!

When did LEAHI get started?

LEAHI began in April, 2003, by local Adult Fans of LEGO who decided to share their interests as a group - forming the original and premier LEGO User Group (LUG) in Hawaii! Since then, our club has grown and allows us to share our common interests in LEGO products and to participate in community events.

Doesn’t LEAHI mean something in the Hawai'ian Language?

Yes. Besides being the name of our group, Leahi is also the modern Hawaiian name for the famous O’ahu landmark known as Diamond Head (also called Kaimana Hila).

How much does it cost to join LEAHI?

Annual membership dues are $20.00 per person per calendar year, and is non-refundable. Dues are collected at the beginning of each calendar year, and are used to offset club expenses, including (but not limited to) prizes, promotions, etc.

What are the Membership benefits?

How often do LEAHI members meet?

Members meet at least once every other month to discuss LEGO products, upcoming events, building techniques, and to share our own creations and camaraderie.

How can I join LEAHI?

LEAHI members

If you reside in the State of Hawaii and have a strong passion for LEGO, you are welcome to apply for membership in LEAHI. Note that we are an adult-focused group, but we do welcome mature teenage fans of LEGO (13+) who are able to demonstrate exceptional building skills.

Please send an email to join_leahi@leahi.org to enroll, or just click on the link below.

Note: All non-adult LEAHI members will require onsite adult (e.g. a parent or legal guardian) supervision at all times, and to accompany them to all LEAHI meetings, events, etc.

Neighbor island members are welcome to participate via the Internet (or Oahu visits).

Join us! Click here to apply for LEAHI membership.